TDSB Secondary Teacher-Librarian Wiki Project: Collaborating and Sharing Research Projects and Lessons for Student Success

Inquiry, research, performance tasks, scenarios, whatever you call it, it is part of all secondary curriculum in Ontario. It can engage and motivate students to take ownership of their learning and to explore in-depth topics of interest. Whether working individually or in groups, students develop essential skills that employers and post-secondary institutes value alike: self-directed learning, critical and creative thinking, and 21st-century literacies.

This wiki is a part of the TDSB learning community of teacher-librarians, who generously share their expertise and lessons related to teaching research.

It has been developed for four purposes:

To map the research-embedded expectations related to core and selected areas of the curriculum

  • to see the direct co-relation between the research process and the curriculum
  • to purposefully teach research skills
  • to highlight gaps in what students need to know about research
  • to develop a school-wide approach to research

To share samples of research projects that teachers and T-Ls have used

To collect specific lessons that scaffold the learning, to ensure student understanding and success
This might include:
  • modelling the process or thinking out loud
  • prompts and lessons to assist students in their research
  • pathfinders of suggested resources and websites
  • lessons on note - making and thesis development
  • questioning templates

To provide a discussion forum related to research, the process, projects, and related lessons